Dr. Frank G. Mathers

Frank G. Mathers
Facharzt mit Tätigkeitsschwerpunkt in Anästhesiologie

Dr. med. Frank G. Mathers is a medial specialist for anaesthesiology and intensive care with additional qualifications in emergency medicine, pain therapy and palliative care.

After completing his medical studies at the universities of Maryland, Chicago, Munich and Bonn, he completed his specialist advanced medical training in the field of anaesthesiology at the Bonn University Medical Centre in 1990.

Afterwards, Dr. Mathers worked for more than 10 years as chief physician at the Linz hospital in the department for anaesthesiology and intensive care.

Dr. Mathers is the founder of the institute for dental sedation in Cologne – the first institution specialised in dental sedation in Germany.

In addition to this own practice for pain therapy and anaesthesiology, Dr. Mathers trains dentists and qualified dental assistants in the independent implementation of sedation procedures and is among other things, an advanced training speaker for several dental associations.

He has been a principal investigator at the Nordrhein Medical Association since 2003.

Dr. Mathers is a speaker at trade events and author of the specialist book "Dental sedation - nitrous oxide and oral sedatives in practice" as well as numerous publications on the subject of dental sedation.

Contributions of this expert

Due to the high level of safety that it affords dental surgeons as well as its ease of use, nitrous oxide is becoming increasingly popular. In this presentation, the anaesthesiologist Dr. Frank G. Mathers explains the benefits, indications and possible complications associated with treatment using nitrous…

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