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A Functional Concept For The Daily Practice - Pt. 2

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Dr. Hajtó

Form follows function: This should be the dentist's principle. Dr. Jan Hajtó, Munich/Germany, explains in detail why and how function should be as well an important part of the daily routine in dental practice as aesthetics are. In this second part of his lecture he relates occlusion and craniomandibular dysfunctions as well as he explains his pragmatic functional concept for daily practice.

Dr. Hajtó says, that the origin of craniomandibular dysfunction is multifactorial. There is no mandatory connection between the intraoral findings and the classic symptoms: The same occlusion can lead to completely different findings and diagnoses in different patients. Psychosomatic elements, stress and most of all muscular adaption can lead to those occlusal interferences.

But there is no doubt that a misocclusion is a huge risk factor for dysfunction. Before bringing any prosthodontic into place there has to be a functional testing. This is due to both the durability of the prosthodontics and the wellbeing of the patient.

Dr. Hajtó introduces you to his functional concept for the daily routine. He explains terms of static and dynamic occlusion and splint therapy. In the end he demonstrates the "Leaf Gauge", which helps to identify occlusal interferences rather easily.

The expert

Dr. Jan Hajtó

Dental Practice in Munich/Germany

1987-1993 Studied dentistry at the LMU in Munich 1994 Graduation 1995-2009 Worked as a practising dentist from in the group practice Hajtó and Cacaci in Munich Since 2010 Own practice for aesthetic dentistry in Munich Main area of activity: complex aesthetic dentistry and fixed fully-ceramic restorations Dr. Hajtó has longstanding and comprehensive clinical experiences in the field of adhesive and conventionally cemented all-ceramic restorations and works as a national and international speaker in this field. Regular publications, courses and convention contributions on the topics aesth ...more »
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