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Help with playback issues and errors


You do not need to solve technical difficulties by yourself - we are happy to help! Please check first whether your system supports the requirements for viewing the videos. The latest detailed information is provided on the  Service pages of the Online-Congress.



Recommended system requirements:

  • Internet access:
    Broadband (at least ISDN, ideally DSL)
    Depending on the Internet connection, the data bitrate should be at least:
    300 kbit/sec (DSL broadband).
    40 kbit/sec (ISDN broadband).
    Test your Bandwith!
  • Browser:
    We recommend  Chrome, Firefox or Safari.
    Chrome Download
    Firefox Download
    Safari Download
  • PCs:
    Pentium III processor (or higher), at least 300 MHz
    Microsoft Windows 2000 / XP / Vista
    Browser: Internet Explorer (version 8.0 or higher) or Mozilla Firefox (Version 2.0 or higher)
    Soundcard or on-board sound chip with speakers or headphones connected.
    Note for users of Windows Vista:
    Windows Media content can only be correctly output using Internet Explorer.

  • Mac computers:
    PowerPC G3 processor or higher.
    Operating system: X 10.2 (Jaguar).
    Browser: Safari 2.x or Mozilla Firefox 2.x with Flash or Windows Media Player plug-in installed.
    Flash content can be output on all Mac computers, Windows Media content can be output using PowerMacs and Intel chipset technology following installation of Flip4Mac.
    Download Flashplayer
  • Enable cookies:
    This is necessary in order to log onto the website successfully. If you are prompted to log in every time you launch a video, this is because your browser settings do not allow cookies to be stored.



Preliminary measures in the case of errors:

  • Refresh the browser:
    In the case of problems, reloading the page is often all that's required - the easiest way to do this is to press the F5 function key. Alternatively, you can close the window and then open it again.
    After pausing, it can sometimes happen that the sound can no longer be heard. This is a known issue that can only be resolved by refreshing the page.

  • Check the sound output:
    If the sound is only barely audible or cannot be heard at all, check your sound settings under Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Sounds and Audio Devices. In the "Volume" tab, ensure that the device volume is set to maximum and that "Mute" has not been activated. By right-clicking in the video window, make sure that the player has not been set to mute. Check whether there is a general problem with sound output by trying to run a different sound file. Also check the cabling and volume of your speakers.

  • Changes in bandwidth:
    As a user of DSL broadband, it is often possible to switch to ISDN quality. Fault-free reception is possible with bandwidths of 64 kbit/sec or higher.

  • Display problems when using full-screen mode:
    You can output a video in full-screen mode by right-clicking on the video image and selecting "Zoom" or "Full-screen". The Escape (Esc) key restores normal mode.
    In this case, the screen may occasionally remain black once full-screen mode has been activated if your computer processor or graphic card does not offer sufficient performance. In this case, avoid displaying in full-screen mode.

  • Switching dial-up access providers:
    When there is a lot of Internet traffic, particularly early in the evening, there may be considerable fluctuations in the bandwidth available from your provider. If you have several alternative dial-up access options, correct display can be achieved by switching providers.

  • Automatic system check:
    The Service section of the Online Congress website includes a system check. This section provides a video stream with sound and signals for switching slides. If the result of the system check is positive, your system meets the relevant requirements. Otherwise, information will be provided regarding possible problems.
    Start the System-Check now!



Troubleshooting via the helpdesk:

  • o    If you still have problems with display and/or sound despite following the instructions given above, please provide details of the problem using the helpdesk form on the Online Congress website. The form automatically logs all relevant system properties and transfers this information together with the description of the problem to the technical support team, who will then contact you.
    Start the helpdesk form now!
    (for our technical partner Online Congress GmbH)
  • In order to contact us by telephone, please use the helpdesk number: Tel. +49 89 / 45 99 52 80



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