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Emergency Management

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Emergency Management - Emergency Management - Lecture

Dental Treatment During Pregnancy




Dr. Dr. Tröltzsch

Dental treatment of pregnant patients is a widely known problem in the dental office. What are the specific aspects that have to be considered? Which drugs can be used in pregnancy and how does the stage of pregnancy influence your decisions? In this lecture, presented by Dr. Dr. Markus Troeltzsch, Ansbach/Germany, the observer gets easy access to crucial knowlede about the treatment of pregnant patients in the dental office.more »
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    Emergency Management - Emergency Management - Lecture

    Successful Management of the Diabetic Patient




    Dr. Dr. Tröltzsch

    Imagine the following case: your endodontic treatment on a lower premolar induces a major abscess. Would you consider any explanation in the patientʻs medical record for this development? Or this case: a crown preparation on the teeth 7, 8 and 9 leads to a loss of tooth vitality shortly after the final restorations have been placed. A well known problem – but are there situations in which this can be anticipated?Dr. Dr. Markus Troeltzsch presents a lecture that is specifically designed to help clinicians understand diabetes better and master the treatment of patients suffering from this widespread disease.more »
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      Emergency Management - Emergency Management - Lecture

      Allergies in Dentistry - Importance and Management




      Dr. Dr. Tröltzsch

      Imagine the following situation: After the administration of local anesthesia on the alveolar nerve, a patients reports dizziness, itching and starts coughing. How would you react in this situation?
 Or another situation: One month after the provision with a fixed partial denture, a patient returns to your office and claims that he is now suffering an allergic reactioin against gold alloys. What would you reply? Learn from Dr. Matthias Troeltzsch about the differential diagnosis of ostensible allergic reactions.more »
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