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Computer Aided Implantology - Pt. 1: A Strategic Routing to Plannable Esthetics

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DT Hauschild

Computer aided implantology allows a detailed, virtual implant planning in order to achieve a minimal invasive implant positioning suitable for the prosthodontic concept chosen. Dental technician Uli Hauschild, San Remo/Italy, illustrates how these systems can help in investigating all individual implant risks and to design the perfect prosthodontic concept for each patient.

For the patient computer aided implantology means broad information about the bone situation, the perhaps necessary pre-implantological surgery and the reasonable prosthodontic restoration. By the visualisation the patient is able to follow all steps of the procedure.

For the dentist computer aided implantology means perfect preparation for implant insertion, intra surgical surprises reduced to a minimum. The best implant position and the best esthetic outcome is plannable this way.

Uli Hauschild illustrates how dentist and patient can plan together the best possible prosthodontic-implantological result. He explains the production process of the drilling template as a guidance for the correct implant positioning.

The expert

DT Uli Hauschild

Dental Design, San Remo, Italy

Uli Hauschild is a German dental technician who successfully runs his laboratory in Sanremo, Italy since 1985. Specialized in esthetic and functional prosthesis, he serves an international clientele and looks back on a founded scope of experience with different systems of Computer aided Implantology.
In order to share his knowledge, he gives lectures in post-graduate and master programs at the universities of Padua and Genua and also publishes in various scientific and professional journals.
Uli Hauschild has been a speaker for numerous organizations including the Computer Aided Impl ...more »
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