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Oral Surgery

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Oral Surgery - Hard Tissue Augmentation - Presentation

Aesthetic Implant Therapy: Patient Desire - Clinical Demands - Scientific Short Falls (Pt. 2)




Prof. Dr. Hürzeler

Implantology in the aestethic zone is a continuous burner for every dental practitioner who tries to place implants to the patients fullest satisfaction. Professor Markus Hürzeler and Professor Hannes Wachtel, both well known implantologists from Munich/Germany, share their clinical experiences and scientific insights. In this part 2 of their lecture Dr. Otto Zuhr, also Munich/Germany, joins them to present clinical cases with different levels of difficulty. They give examples for clinical situations that will end up predictable or with esthetic failure. Due to their experience they enroll a clinical classification system staging the diagnostic outcome in four types.more »
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    Oral Surgery - Hard Tissue Augmentation - Lecture

    Bone Augmentation In The Front Area: Autologous Bone Harvesting and Insertion




    Appl. Prof. Dr. Stimmelmayr

    Appl. Professor Dr. Michael Stimmelmayr, Cham/Germany, demonstrates a bone augmentation in region 11. In the 20 year old patient a bone block is harvested from the linea obliqua and inserted in the front area. Dr. Stimmelmayr gives detailed insights in his approach characterized by his deep clinical experience. In the same session tooth 38 and tooth 28 (retained) are removed.more »
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      Oral Surgery - Hard Tissue Augmentation - Lecture

      Bone-Lamina-Technique for the Alveolar Ridge Augmentation in the Mandible




      PD Dr. Happe

      In this case, Dr. Arndt Happe, Münster/Germany, conducts the bone lamina technique for bone augmentation in the premolar and molar region of the right mandible. For the successful augmentation stability of the augmentation area is of high importance. He achieves stability through the application of an autologous bone block, which is obtained with a trepan and fixated on the alveolar bone. The augmentation area is covered with a bone lamina and a collagen membrane to increase stability.more »
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        Oral Surgery - Soft Tissue Augmentation - Lecture

        Multiple Recession Coverage in the Maxilla - ’Zucchelli Approach’




        Dr. Hinze

        The objective of this surgery done by Dr. Marc Hinze, Gräfelfing/Germany, is to cover multiple gingival recessions in the maxilla with a coronally advanced flap applying the ‘Zucchelli approach’. With the ‘Zucchelli approach’, the recession coverage is made possible due the rotational move of newly created papillae as part of the coronal advancement of the flap. more »
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          Oral Surgery - Hard Tissue Augmentation - Lecture

          3-D-Augmentation of an Alveolar Ridge With a Individualized Allograft Bone Block




          Dr. Schlee, Prof. Dr. Wachtel

          The operator Dr. Markus Schlee, Forchheim/Germany, augments the alveolar ridge in the molar region of the mandibula. For this purpose, a ready-made bone block allograft is tailored and applied. The use of the block allograft spares the patient the harvesting of autogenous bone within the surgery, and consequently makes the process more comfortable and shorter for the patient. The commentary text originates from Professor Dr. Hannes Wachtel, Munich/Germany.more »
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