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Implant Site Development With Orthodontic Treatment

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Prof. Zachrisson

No teeth, no root, no bone - what shall you do, if extreme traumata in the anterior region have lead to the loss of several teeth including roots? Prof. Dr. Björn Zachrisson, University of Oslo/Sweden, achieves very good aesthetic results by the autotransplantation of premolars and associated orthodontic treatment.

Although this procedure is surgically not more complicated than other oral surgeries root transplantation has to be planned with great care and a lot of time. This method shows very good survival rates of the implantated roots even after 20 years. 

By extrusion in almost every case with healthy residual periodontium good soft tissue results can be achieved, which make implantation and provision predictable in both functional and aesthetic way. Even the natural bone acquisition in so called hopeless teeth is possible by extrusion in those cases with an appreciable amount of healthy residual periodontium and controlled periodontal infection. Prof. Zachrission's solutions provide a road map how even apparently hopeless cases can be provided with implants.

The expert

Prof. Björn Zachrisson

Department of Orthodontics - University Oslo

Dr. Bjorn Zachrisson is Professor II in the Department of Orthodontics at the University of Oslo, Norway and maintains a private orthodontic practice in Oslo.
He has published more than 200 scientific and clinical articles in international journals and textbooks in orthodontics, periodontics, and general dentistry.
Dr. Zachrisson has represented European orthodontics at several international meetings throughout the world. He has presented numerous keynote lectures and pre- or postcongress courses world wide. He is selected to present the opening lecture and a precongress cour ...more »
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