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Tooth Preservation - Restorative Dentistry - Lecture

A Functional Concept For The Daily Practice - Pt. 1




Dr. Hajtó

Form follows function: This should be the dentist's principle. Dr. Jan Hajtó, Munich/Germany, explains in detail why and how function should be as well an important part of the daily routine in dental practice as aesthetics are. In this first part of his lecture he introduces basic ideas and principles.more »
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    Periodontology - Plastic Periodontal Surgery - Surgery

    Recession Coverage in Region 22 and 23 Using the Modified Tunnel Technique




    Dr. Zuhr

    Dr. Otto Zuhr, Munich/Germany, demonstrates the coverage of gingival recession defects in the anterior maxillary area using the modified tunnel technique. Dr. Zuhr provides a detailed, step-by-step demonstration of the procedure and offers useful tips for the practitioner.more »
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      Implantology - Treatment Concepts - Lecture

      Implantation in the Maxilla After Horizontal Bone Augmentation and Sinus Lift




      Dr. Mehl

      Appl. Prof. Dr. Christian Mehl, Munich/Germany, demonstrates the implantation of seven implants in a maxilla and the vestibular gingiva thickening with connective tissue grafts. Four months prior to this surgery, the maxilla was horizontally augmented and a sinus lift was conducted on both sides. more »
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        Periodontology - Foundations Periodontics - Lecture

        Molecular Classification of Periodontal Diseases




        Dr. Kebschull

        The current classification system for periodontal diseases shows dramatic gap in clinical application. Dr. Moritz Kebschull, University Bonn/Germany, does intensive research on the genetic differentiability between chronic and aggressive periodontitis. He introduces his latest findings and gives a future prospect of diagnostics of periodontitis. more »
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          Implantology - Navigation - Lecture

          Computer-Assisted Implant Planning In Edentulous Patients




          Priv.-Doz. Dr. Katsoulis

          Computer-assisted implant planning enables a detailed virtual implant planning with the chance of a minimal-invasive implant positioning appropriate to the prosthodontic concept. Appl. Prof. Dr. Joannis Katsoulis, University of Bern/Switzerland, explains how and why computer-assistance improves not only anatomical-surgical planning, but also prosthodontic planning - always looking for the maximum in aesthetic outcome.more »
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            Tooth Preservation - Restorative Dentistry - Surgery

            Veneer Preparation – Anatomical Model Demonstration




            Dr. Lührs

            Dr. Anne-Katrin Lührs, University of Hannover/Germany, demonstrates the preparation of a front tooth for the restoration with a veneer on an anatomical model. Step by step she explains her preparation procedure which is the basis for an aesthetically and functionally satisfying result of a veneer restoration.more »
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