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A Functional Concept For The Daily Practice - Pt. 1

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Dr. Hajtó

Form follows function: This should be the dentist's principle. Dr. Jan Hajtó, Munich/Germany, explains in detail why and how function should be as well an important part of the daily routine in dental practice as aesthetics are. In this first part of his lecture he introduces basic ideas and principles.

The term "craniomandibular dysfunction" describes no specific diagnosis, but a potential symptom complex, whose single symptomal elements can be combined in merely any way. The symptomal elements are mainly head ache, tensions, joint noises, immobilities as well as intraoral findings like attrition, wedge-shaped defects etc. All these are symptoms, which can be caused by disocclusion, too. Some papers deny the correlation, but jurisdiction already says: It's the dentist's duty prior to a prosthodontic rehabilitation to assess if the patient suffers from a disfunction. If it is so the dentist has to treat this disfunction first (or - in case the patient doesn't consent - refuse the prosthodontic treatment).

The expert

Dr. Jan Hajtó

Dental Practice in Munich/Germany

1987-1993 Studied dentistry at the LMU in Munich 1994 Graduation 1995-2009 Worked as a practising dentist from in the group practice Hajtó and Cacaci in Munich Since 2010 Own practice for aesthetic dentistry in Munich Main area of activity: complex aesthetic dentistry and fixed fully-ceramic restorations Dr. Hajtó has longstanding and comprehensive clinical experiences in the field of adhesive and conventionally cemented all-ceramic restorations and works as a national and international speaker in this field. Regular publications, courses and convention contributions on the topics aesth ...more »
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