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Tooth Preservation

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Tooth Preservation - Restorative Dentistry - Surgery

Tooth Neck Fillings in the Posterior Region: Quadrant III




Dr. Thalmair

In this presentation Dr. Thalmair shows the adhesive reconstruction of dental necks at two adjacent posterior teeth in the third quadrant. After caries excavation and tooth conditioning the fillings are placed by use of an aesthetic composite material. Finally, the restorations are finished and polished thoroughly. more »
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    Tooth Preservation - Restorative Dentistry - Surgery

    Aesthetic Anterior Tooth Augmentation




    Dr. Hürzeler

    Composites represent one of the main materials used for a wide range of indications within aesthetic restorative dentistry in the anterior and posterior region. In this video, Dr. Bärbel Hürzeler, Munich/Germany, uses the composite material Enamel HFO to aesthetically augment tooth 11 and to cover a cervical defect on tooth 13.  more »
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      Tooth Preservation - Endodontics - Presentation





      Prof. Dr. Fickl

      Periodont and endodont can show pathological coherencies that result in perio-endodontic lesions. What is the best diagnostic approach? Which therapeutical concept is the best for which situation? Appl. Professor Dr. Stefan Fickl, University of Würzburg/Germany, shares the answers.more »
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        Tooth Preservation - Endodontics - Surgery

        Orthograde Revision




        Dr. Richter, Dr. Diemer

        Revision of endodontic treated teeth is  a common problem. In this clinical case Dr. Josepf Diemer und Dr. Wolf Richter/Germany demonstrate their approach step by step. more »
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